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We regret to announce that Lauriso Software will cease trading on 29th December 2017.
Sales of Music Publisher products and support will not be available after that date.

Music Publisher 9 – written by musicians, for musicians.

Music Publisher 9 is a professional quality music notation program; it is as easy to use as picking up a piece of manuscript paper and a pen.

Music Publisher 9 runs on PCs and laptops using Windows 98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 (but not Windows RT)

There are two versions of Music Publisher:

Music Publisher 9 – Standard Edition

• Write music • Scan music • Arrange music • Transpose music • Copy music • Extract music • Print music • Publish music • Play music• Email music • Burn music •

Music Publisher 9 enables you to not only write music, but also edit, print, play, and transpose it; you can export playable MIDI and MP3 files; you can write music for all sorts of instruments with specific notation inclusing tab and percussion staves. There are many other operations including extracting parts from master scores, producing musical insertions for your word processor or desktop publishing program. See Overview for more details.

Music Publisher 9 – Scanning Edition

The Scanning Edition has the same features as the Standard Edition but also enables you to scan existing printed music or to read music from a file (eg BMP or PDF). The scanning software is seamlessly integrated into the Music Publisher system and does not need you to run a separate program. See Scanning for more details.

Many people buy the Scanning Edition in order to transpose existing printed music. Just scan, transpose and reprint. It really works! See our Audio-Visual Demonstrations to watch it in action.

Braeburn Software – Lauriso Software

If you were looking for Braeburn software (www.braeburn.co.uk) you’ve come to the right place.

Bernard Hill, the founder of Braeburn Software and author of Music Publisher, retired in January 2014.

Lauriso Software was formed to continue the sales and development of Music Publisher and also to offer support to all users of Music Publisher.