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UK and European customers please note: there is no VAT on this product.

If you are using currencies other than GB Pounds, a conversion to your own currency will be done automatically on ordering.


Music Publisher 9 runs on any computer running one of the following Windows operating systems:
Windows 98 / NT / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista /
Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10

Music Publisher can only run on a Mac if it is set up to run Windows as well.
See Can I run Music Publisher on a Mac? for more information.


Music Publisher 9 is supplied on a CD.

You may only order a CD by itself if you already own a licensed copy of Music Publisher 9.

Post and packing

The prices below include the CD, post, packing and shipping to any destination, worldwide by first class mail.

No CD drive?

If your computer does not have a CD, you can request a USB memory Stick.
Do this by ordering a CD and stating to would like a USB memory stick in the comments.


If you have any questions, please contact us on

New Customers

Music Publisher 9 Standard Edition


Music Publisher 9 Scanning Edition



Existing Customers

Update: If you already own Music Publisher version 9 you do not need to upgrade but you can download a free update.

Upgrade: If you have an earlier version of Music Publisher (up to and including Music Publisher 8 ), you can upgrade to Music Publisher 9 by selecting the option below.

CD, P&P included: Each upgrade includes a CD, post, packing and shipping. Only order a CD if you already have Music Publisher 9 and do not have a CD or need a replacement.

Upgrade from previous version of Music Publisher

If you already have Scanning Edition 2.68, you will automatically be supplied with an upgrade which includes scanning.


Upgrade from Standard Edition to Scanning Edition.

If you already have Music Publisher 9 Standard Edition, you can upgrade to the Scanning Edition.
If you do not already have version 9 of Music Publisher, you need to select the “
Upgrade from previous version of Music Publisher + Scanning” (below)


Upgrade from previous version of Music Publisher + Scanning

This is a reduced price if you wish to upgrade to the latest version of Music Publisher and upgrade from the Standard Edition to the Scanning Edition


Music Publisher 9 – New CD

This item is only for customers who already have a licensed copy of Music Publisher 9.
Either as a replacement for a lost CD or to get the latest update

The cost includes post & packing to any destination – UK or overseas.